Waxing Certification Online: Can It Really Help?

Whether you are an expert beautician who wants to master waxing or a newbie in the beauty world, a comprehensive online waxing course will help you big time. Learning the art of body waxing means opening the door to a very attractive and lucrative...

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Mobile Waxing Business: Things You Need To Consider

There are plenty of benefits that being a mobile beautician brings to the table. Just to name a few, you get total control of your schedule and become flexible. Plus, you will also have the chance to work around a different job as well as have ...

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Brazilian Wax Classes San Diego | Body Waxing Courses & Training

We are proud to announce Brazilian Wax Training & Academy is now offering our waxing classes locally here in San Diego County! Come learn at one of our advanced waxing academy course today! As licensed esthetician ourselves we know...

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Can Cosmetologists Do Brazilian Waxing?

Brazilian waxing is a great industry to work with due to many reasons. You can quickly become a professional at doing the service because it is routine work. Moreover, waxing is not just a one-time treatment, and clients have to come in much often for the ...

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Do Estheticians Have To Do Brazilian Waxing?

If you are a proud esthetician, you have every reason to be very grateful that you decided to take this career path in the beauty industry. The job opportunities for a skincare esthetician are seen to increase by 14%, according to the Bureau of Labor ...

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Brazilian Wax School: What To Look For When Looking For Courses

In the world of skin care and esthetics, performing Brazilian wax gives both the clients and the waxing professional the highest level of anxiety. This is pretty much understandable because we come unprepared for this. Beauty or est...

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Should You Offer Male Brazilian Waxing?
Attention all estheticians!

More and more, we are seeing guys visiting spas for a Brazilian wax, also known as ‘Boyzilian’ or ‘Manzilian’. It only makes sense because waxing is more hygienic and offers longer-lasting results than shaving. It’s even more co...

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How To Become An Esthetician In California

California is one of the centers of the beauty industry in the U.S.A. Thanks to the more than five hundred beauty companies in the state that generate billions of revenue every year. Plus, skin care spas can be found on virtually every corner of the sta...

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6 months ago
If you an esthetician or cosmetologist fresh out of beauty school you need to get their waxing training. By doing this training I felt more confident apply for jobs. The waxing courses definitely help me get hired at the current spa I work at.
- Kathrine W
6 months ago
If you need Brazilian wax training I recommend you come here. I did a lot of research into waxing courses and this place had the best options. Something like Brazilian waxing you need hands-on training and that’s exactly what you get here!
- Alice W
6 months ago
If you are looking for the best waxing course in San Diego this is the place to get your training. Even after 600 hours each in beauty school I did not get the proper waxing hands on classes like I did with Celeste. I took her body waxing course and Brazilian wax course. Next I’ll be doing the male Brazilian waxing training for sure!
- Betty M

Best Brazilian Waxing School Near Me

Why Waxing Classes

Are you a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician actively seeking body waxing classes to benefit your clientele? Get the right waxing training needed to be competitive as an esthetician or to help provide men’s and women’s waxing sessions through your business. Our hands-on training is focused on quality and efficiency while providing the best waxing hair removal services to clients.

While most view waxing as a simple beauty routine, it’s more intricate than that—an art form to the highest degree designed to leave both men and women feeling more in touch with their bodies and greater confidence overall. If performed incorrectly, you may assuredly hurt your client.

We’re here to provide licensed cosmetologists and estheticians the convenience to strengthen their skillset and provide men’s and women’s waxing sessions with the fullest confidence. You’ll appreciate an additional source of revenue, a better opportunity to serve residents, and study with the finest teachers.


Women’s Waxing Classes

How many years did you spend in beauty school, and how much of that time was devoted to waxing classes? We already know the answer. Most current beauty schools are sorely lacking in education when it comes to body waxing for women. You might spend, at most, around three days of training on the subject. This is simply not enough.

In higher education, plenty of your training revolves around theory. You’ll read textbooks, study pictures, and extremely seldom put your capable hands to work. With our waxing classes, everything is hands-on.

You’ll learn women’s body wax training and Brazilian wax training—two highly requested services that will sustain your business for years to come.

A Brazilian wax is arguably one of the most prominent forms of waxing today. During a session, you’ll neatly wax hair from the pubic area, the upper thighs, and neighboring regions. A Brazilian wax is also one of the least irritating hair removal treatments, at least when performed accurately, and leaves clients feeling more in tune with their bodies.

Men’s Waxing Classes

Men are not immune to body hair. Like women, men wish to feel handsome and confident in their own skin, which means less troublesome, itchy hair overall. As a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist, don’t you think you owe it to your clients to provide the finest men’s waxing options possible?

With extensive men’s waxing classes available, you’ll learn the ins and outs of the male body and key techniques on how to eliminate unwanted hair safely and effectively without creating discomfort. Reducing irritation is key here. Most men imagine waxing as an unpleasant experience straight out of the movies. It’s not.

Your duty is to ensure that your male clients feel comfortable resting on the table. A sizable part of that is knowing what you’re doing and demonstrating your talents. You need capable men’s waxing classes to assure repeat business.

We take pride in offering men’s body wax training and male Brazilian wax classes—two of our most popular male waxing courses for licensed estheticians and cosmetologists.

Why Body Waxing Certification Courses
Whether you’re interested in studying women’s waxing, men’s waxing, or even both waxing courses at the same time, you’ll notice that we’ve established our learning environment for success. This is not an online course. You’ll learn at our trained waxing school in-person in an actual classroom setting, saving time and enhancing what you learn tenfold.

With your new waxing certification in hand, you’ll free up unique opportunities for your business. Whether you choose to wax clients full time or part-time, the benefits are limitless. Soon enough, your business will take off, especially as the summers roll around and everyone prepares for swimsuit season.

If you’re ready to enjoy Brazilian wax training, leading body waxing courses, or 1-on-1 training sessions, please don’t hesitate to contact Brazilian Wax Training & Academy. We have opportunities available now, but spots are filling up rapidly in both our limited group sessions and individual training plans with our experienced tutors.

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